Our Ministries

Building The Kingdom Of God

The Ministries of St John Baptist Church have been organized into five categories:

We Glorify God through our WORSHIP Ministries. We Transform people to the likeness of Jesus through our EVANGELISM ministries. We Receive believers into our membership through our FELLOWSHIP ministries. We Build Up members to maturity through our DISCIPLESHIP ministries. We Commit Members to build the Kingdom of God through our FOUNDATION ministries such as Deacons’ & Deaconess Ministries.

Please contact the church office for more information at (407) 781-0700 or info@stjohhmborlando.org.
Thank You

Fellowship Ministries

Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Senior Mission Ministry
Pastor’s Family Care Ministry
Marriage Ministry
Singles’ Ministry
Usher’s Ministry

Discipleship Ministries

Men’s Ministry
Follow-up Ministry
Intake Ministry
New Members’ Ministry

Foundation Ministries

Baptism Ministry
Deacons’ Ministry
Deaconess’ Ministry
Nurse’s Guild Ministry
Usher Ministry

Evangelism Ministries

Evangelism Ministry

Worship Ministries

Music Ministry